The school will provide conveyance on specified routes until sufficient public/private conveyance becomes available on these routes. The bus facility is not compulsory for the students. If you can arrange your own conveyance you are most welcome to do so.

The following rules are to be strictly observed by the students commuting in the school bus failing which they will not be allowed to use the bus facility:

  1. Students are not allowed in the bus without the bus pass.
  2. Parents are requested to take charge of their wards before boarding and after alighting from the bus.
  3. Students must get into the bus only from the stops specified to them. They mustn’t request or coerce the driver to stop the bus at stops other than specified or to increase the number of stops according to their convenience. This may cause accidents.
  4. Any change in the number and place of the stops will be notified to the parents in writing.
  5. Students are supposed to maintain discipline in the bus. They are not allowed to run, shout, scream, push or quarrel in the bus.
  6. The seating capacity of the bus should be utilized to the full. Students mustn’t stand if the seats are vacant. Also, bags shouldn’t be kept on the seats.
  7. The rear door of the bus is to be kept closed while the bus is moving.
  8. Students are not supposed to stand on either of the footboards/ in front of the door while the bus is in motion.
  9. They must queue up near the front door by the side of the vertical bar before their respective stops.
  10. As a precaution, students mustn’t put their arms, necks out of the window. This can be dangerous.

Do not spoil anything in the bus (like seats, windows, glass etc.) if found doing so, they will be either fined or their bus passes will be cancelled. This is applicable to any misconduct in the bus.

Please remember that a small mischief can sometimes result in a serious happening. The small trip, to and fro, can be made pleasant and safe by following the above safety rules. Be responsible and act safely. Keep smiling.